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University of Texas Permian Basin

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Utica University

Bachelor Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Website

Campbellsville University

Associate AS in Criminal Justice Administration Website

Concordia University - Saint Paul

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Michigan State University

Master Online MS in Cybercrime and Digital Investigation Website

University of Texas Permian Basin

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Aurora University

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Campbellsville University

Bachelor BS in Criminal Justice Administration Website
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What Is International Criminal Justice?

The criminal justice system encompasses the various organizations, agencies, and individuals that work together for the prevention, deterrence, and punishment of crimes. International criminal justice refers to the application of these same principles to criminal behavior on a global scale. This includes crimes such as genocide, crimes of war, crimes against humanity, terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and drug laundering.

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Careers in International Criminal Justice

Earning a degree in international criminal justice can open the door to a broad range of job opportunities. Examples of the types of organizations that play an active role in the international criminal justice system include the United Nations, INTERPOL, and the International Court of Justice. In the United States, agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration are also involved in investigating international crimes. Some of the career paths available include working as a special agent or protective agent, conducting intelligence research, working as an immigration and customs agent, acting as a consultant, or serving as an analyst as part of a counter-terrorism team.

International Criminal Justice Degree Programs

There are several colleges and universities that offer degree programs in International criminal justice. Depending on the type of career path you’re interested in, you may choose to pursue either a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The types of courses you may be required to take at the undergraduate level may include economics, comparative criminal justice, comparative politics, international criminology, international relations, international public administration, statistics, corrections, international crime and justice theory, human rights, terrorism, and the history of international criminal justice. In a master’s degree program, the coursework is more specialized. You may also be required to conduct an independent research project or capstone seminar for the completion of a graduate degree. Doctoral programs primarily involve independent research with the candidate’s findings presented in the form of a dissertation.

Additional Considerations for Completing Your Degree

Due to the high-profile nature of many of the organizations involved in the administration of international criminal justice, the job market can be highly competitive. While it may not be a requirement of your degree program, proficiency in one or more foreign languages may give you an edge over other graduates. If you’re interested in working in a specific country or region, participating in a study abroad or internship program can give you a firsthand look at what you can expect once you enter the international criminal justice field.

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